Celek Certs

Exclusive to VIP Premium Members

Recognize | Reward | Re-energize

We recognize and reward your child for investing in their future.

We thank your child for supporting our Take Flight Foundation

How It Works

1. Your Child completes digital enrichment program

2. Your child submits their achievement online

3. your child receives a Digital Celek Certificate 

Celek Certs are digital certificates

Every child can collect their certs to showcase personal achievement.

Celek Certs Are Fun

Collecting Celek Certs empower your child to succeed

Celek Certs build confidence

They also offer eligibility to

Special Discounts from partners and sponsors. 

Exclusive Access to Online Digital VIP Events

Buy 1 / Give 1

Play It Forward

All VIP subscribers include our Buy 1 / Give 1 program.

Your purchase of a premium VIP account make it possible for us to support free digital scholarship to children in need.

We partner with the Take Flight Foundation

Enrich your child. Support a child.